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First day – first stop
We meet at 8 a.m. local time in the center of Irkutsk at ul. Suhe Bator d.17 (Rolling Stones Hostel), you can get here by taxi or public transport from the airport and railway station. We take a minibus to the place “Dry Channel”, where the traditional route to Shumak begins. On the way we stop for a snack in a cafe in the Buryat village of Kyren, located in the Tunkinsky valley.
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Today we are going up along the river Ehe-Ger. The mountains around are getting higher, along the road there are waterfalls. We enter from the forest zone to the zone of alpine meadows. Our task today is to get as close to the Shumak Pass as possible. From the camp site offers a beautiful view of the harsh mountains of the East Sayan.
We cook dinner on the burners.
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